Why document translation is Mandatory in UAE/ Guideline for document translation.

Translation of documents is an important procedure for certificate verification. It is mandatory for all type of certificates like legal documents, personal documents, articles, educational documents etc.

Certificate translation is done by an embassy approved legal translator. Translators translate a document from a foreign language to their native language. Some of the main translation services include legal translation, personal document translation, medical translation, educational document translation and so on. Legal translation allows us to use the documents officially for all purposes.


What is document translation?

Document translation is a mandatory procedure for immigration purposes. If you are planning to move to a non-English speaking country, first you need to translate all your certificates to their local language before submitting your documents for further verification.

Which are the different translation services?

  • Financial document translation
  • Legal document translation
  • Translation of medical documents
  • Certificate translation
  • Business document translation

Why legal translation is mandatory in UAE?

Legal translation is the most important part in UAE for all immigrants to prove the authenticity of their certificates. You need to translate all your documents from your native language to Arabic for further documentation.