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Abu dhabi legal Translation

At, we are a leading provider of comprehensive legal translation services in Abu Dhabi. We offer top-quality language solutions for a variety of languages spoken in the city, specializing in legal and certified translations for various agencies and government departments.

Legal Translation in Abu Dhabi

We have a team of experienced translators, approved by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. Our translators are experts in legal translation, delivering services with utmost professionalism. We cater to various fields, including:

  1. Legal: Accurate and reliable translations for contracts, court documents, and more.

  2. Medical: Precise translations for medical reports, patient records, and other healthcare documents.

  3. Commercial: Professional translations for business agreements, marketing materials, and other commercial documents.

  4. Technical: Expert translations for technical manuals, product descriptions, and more.

  5. Business: Comprehensive translations for business documents, financial reports, and other corporate materials.

Language Expertise

We offer legal translation services in a wide range of languages, including:

  1. English

  2. Arabic

  3. French

  4. German

  5. Italian

  6. Chinese

  7. Hindi

  8. Spanish

  9. Persian

  10. Russian

  11. Hebrew

  12. And many more

Why Choose Us?

  1. Certified Translators: Our team consists of certified and experienced translators.

  2. Professionalism: We provide accurate and professional translations for various domains.

  3. Approval: Our services are approved by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

  4. Wide Language Coverage: We offer services for a wide range of languages, meeting diverse needs.

Contact Us

For top-quality legal translation services in Abu Dhabi, contact We offer reliable and professional language solutions for all your legal and certified translation needs.

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